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How to Have that Flat Tummy you Desire


A lot of people are willing to do anything to get rid of their pot belly/Big tummy but are yet to find the perfect plan to achieve this. Some might even have come across this plan, but are unwilling to begin it.

How to Have that Flat Tummy you Desire

Most people’s big tummy is as a result of the wrong foods they eat, their drinking and smoking habit and so on. Even when one spends their hard earned money at the gym and supplements without breaking the bad habits, the embarrassing tummy will never go away.

Today on Verge24, we will share with you the perfect five 5 ways to help you lose that big belly and help you to have that flat tummy you’ve always desired in no time. Ready? Lets GO.

Drink a lot of water

8 Reasons why You Should Drink More Water

Water has so many usefulness in our lives and one of it is helping us retain a healthy and sexy midsection. What most people do not know is dehydration makes the body hoard water which in turn makes s carry about 4 pounds of excess water around our midsection giving birth to a protruding and not so sexy look.

To have a flat tummy in no time, keep the fluid coming. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. Good amount of water in the system helps flush the toxins in or body away.

Perfect Your Posture

sit right

Sitting right will help you get rid of pot belly. By sitting right, you are strengthening your stomach muscles. It also helps to increase metabolism through increased muscle mass which in turn allows the body make use of the calories and fat sitting around the midsection.

Stay Off Alcohol

stay off alcohol

Alcohol is toxic and does no good to your body when it’s in it. Especially Beer. Alcohol causes the body to be dehydrated which in turn makes fat loss really slow. To avoid that pot belly or work towards getting a flatter tummy, avoid excess alcohol.

Eat right

Eat right

You need to have a balanced diet. Lots of salad will do. When you succeed in scolding yourself into eating the right way, ensure to eat it slowly. Rushing your meal causes you to swallow more air which can cause you to develop a pot belly. Instead of rushing your meal, try to chew each bite like 7 times before swallowing, this helps to ensure that the body does not overwork itself, as overworking itself can lead to gas and indigestion, and we do not want that.



You need to relax or chillax as my friend will call it :). When you are stressed you are prone to overeat which in turn leads to us gaining more weight than needed and in not so good areas of our body.

I hope you find this article helpful and interesting. If you do, please share with your friends and always check back for more health and fitness tips.



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