Jason Derulo Talks New Music, Fashion Line, & more

Jason Derulo Talks New Music, Fashion Line, & more

Derulo first began having an interest in fashion a few years ago, after he was given the freedom to pick his own stylist but had trouble finding someone who could dress him the way he wanted to present himself. “I literally couldn’t find the right person, that personified the things that I wanted which are, street, future, and sexy at the same time,” he explained. “So with that I kind of took it into my own hands, doing the research myself.”

Derulo began looking for inspiration all over the world before he finally got an idea of what he was really trying to create. Soon after, he partnered with LVL XIII (Level 13), to create a line of luxury sneakers and men’s apparel that he really believes in. “It’s upscale with swag,” he describes his designs. “If you want to go to the club, if you want to go to a nice event and you want to wear sneakers and not dress shoes, you can wear the sneakers, and they still look upscale. I really feel like every man is going to need that kind of shoe.”

When he’s not working on his fashion line, Derulo can be found in the studio working on his new album which is set to drop next month. While he wouldn’t tease what fans should expect, he did reveal he’s been working on a pretty amazing collab. “I have a really big collaboration that’s about to come out next month, that I can’t say who it is yet because it’s going to be a big splash,” he said. “But it’s just really exciting. I actually did the song a while ago, but it will be the first song off my new album.”

Even though Derulo wouldn’t confirm who the song is with, after his live performance at Kola House, his DJ Jae Murphy played a never before heard song with Derulo and Nicki Minaj, and it was amazing.

Derulo is currently living the single life after calling it quits with Daphne Joy earlier this year, but he’s no stranger to public breakups. Just two years ago, he and Jordan Sparks called it quits after more than three years together, and the media firestorm that ensued didn’t paint Derulo in the best light.

But even with two public breakups under his belt, he has no idea how he’ll deal with a third. When asked if he has any advice for Pitt and Angelina Jolie as they go through their very public divorce, the singer had no advice but did have a question, “Shit, I’m trying to get through this shit myself,” he joked. “I was going to hit Brad up like ‘Yo, what are you gonna do bro?’ It’s like, what are we gonna do?”

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