Ben Bruce: PDP ready to help Buhari

Ben Bruce: PDP ready to help Buhari
Senator Ben advised the president to increase the number of his economic advisers while reducing the number of his media advisers.

Bruce said: “Fighting corruption is a priority but growing an economy is a higher priority. You cannot fight corruption to grow an economy, you grow an economy as you fight corruption. The worse an economy gets, the more likely people will be corrupt.”

Buhari is fully in charge of Nigeria. For the first time in our nation’s history, his opponent did not challenge his electoral victory. The situation right now is the president has no enemies to fight. The whole nation has accepted him as our leader.”

The senator said it was necessary for the war against corruption to be fought reasonably and through thorough investigations.

He advised that the media should be used to tell the world the best about Nigeria and not the worst.

Stop telling the world through the media that Nigerians are corrupt because that will stop the inflow of foreign investment. No one wants to invest in a country whose government sees its people as corrupt,” he added.

According to him, Buhari’s anti-corruption credentials are solid but he needs to build his economic credentials and the opposition party is willing to help him achieve that.

Bruce said the best anti-corruption strategy is to have economic prosperity.

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