How to totally win your Spouse’s trust

How to totally win your Spouse's trust
Many that are into relationship or in married keep making some mistakes that makes their spouse start suspecting them, not because they have forgotten that trust is attached to many things in the relationship.

This topic is centered around the mobile device. This device, as small as it is, it can destroy a trust no matter how gigantic you have built it. This is why we must be careful with it.

When you are dealing with your calls, chats and what have you on this device you need to thread with utmost caution.

If you don’t want your spouse to start doubting your trust don’t do any of these:

1. Don’t ignore call

Yes, it might be that the caller is one pain in your neck that you are trying to ignore. It might also be that the caller’s issue cannot be resolved at that point in time, possibly because you are with your spouse or something else.

Whatever the case may be, you must try all your best to give explanation, it might even be brief but you need to let your spouse know why you refused to answer the call even if he/she did not ask.

2. Don’t go private to answer your calls

Because you don’t want your spouse to hear your conversation you go private with all excuses such as; there is noise here, the network is not so good here etc. meanwhile you just picked another call before that came in and it was perfect.

The truth is that it might be ladies talk or men’s talk you wish to discuss, but going private will make your spouse curious with other thoughts in mind which might even be different from the aim of that call especially when he/she is not familiar with the caller.

3. Don’t set security codes on device

What i mean here is that even if you set security codes on your device your spouse must be able to open them. You shouldn’t set restrictions to what your spouse can do on your device, you are meant to know everything about each other.

The moment your spouse is unable to access something on your device, some other thoughts starts ringing.

If you do any of the above, don’t blame your spouse for doubting your trust because you have set boundaries.

Human beings are not spirit to know what you are doing behind them, neither are we woods that curiosity isn’t part of our attributes.

Those three things might look small but very powerful and the moment you give a space for your spouse to start doubting your trust, that same moment you start seeing things you have not been seeing in him/her.

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