Soulja Boy arrested for illegal gun possession

Soulja Boy arrested for illegal gun possession

The year is definitely not ending well for American rapper DeAndre Cortez better known as Souljah Boy as the Illinois rapper has violated his parole once again.

According to TMZ, the blog-rap innovator who is still on probation as a result of a 2014 case in which he pleaded ‘no contest’ to charges of illegally carrying a loaded weapon in his car was arrested around 7 am at his Airbnb penthouse in Hollywood Hills yesterday after a tip reaching the police incriminated him for threatening people online with guns. The police got to his home and indeed found a firearm in his house.

The rapper has been embedded in gun possession issues since August with fellow rapper Skrill Dilly also sueing him for threatening him in an Instagram video for dating his ex.

Souljah Boy had denied saying the gun was a fake.

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