How would you want to make a cool #40,000 from Home? via WeFundAfrica

How would you want to make a cool #40,000 from Home?

To start with, this is way different from any program you have ever heard of. I was way too skeptical about it until i tried it and here i am a believer.

The name of the program is WE FUND AFRICA #WEFA.

We Fund Africa is a peer-to-peer kind of program where you only need #8,000 to become a member and sit back to watch your investment multiply.

How do you signup? CLICK HERE

You only need to sign up by filling the form and immediately you will be matched with someone whom you will have to pay #8,000 to (The same way you will be matched with five people who will pay you #8,000 each).

Make the payment and upload. If convenient for you, call the person so that he/she will confirm the transaction after which the system will pair you with five people.

There are three more levels you can upgrade to after you have completed the level 1.

Call for assistance or to help you quickly match you up. First sign up HERE then call: 07055264822

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