9ice on Rubbin’ Minds: “Wire Wire” is not a Negative term

Singer 9ice was recently under fire for allegedly promoting fraudsters in his music has again debunked the allegations by Falz as he appeared on Rubbin’ Minds.

The Gong Aso wave maker said that “wire wire” is not a negative term, adding that he’s “all about positivity.” He said “wire” means money transfer and not what it is portrayed to mean. (“Wire wire” is a slang phrase for Internet Fraud).

9ice also talked about the Nigerian music industry, its structure and his time in politics.

The musician talked about his time ‘away’ saying he got a lot of experiences from when he ventured into politics. He also emphasized on the need for the Nigerian music industry to have a body in order for structure to be in place. He adds that the Performing Musician Association of Nigerain (PMAN) needs to be “dismantled”. 🙂

Finally, 9ice revealed that he’ll be releasing a new album titled “G.O.A.T” in September.

Days after 9ice and Falz codely shaded themselves, the two stars cooled off over a lunch table. 


Part 1

Part 2

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