‘Why I would have run out of Nigeria’ – President Buhari

'Why I would have run out of Nigeria' – President Buhari
President Buhari said he had been worried about the level of rainfall in Nigeria and it affects in agricultural production and that if the level of rainfall had not improved, he was already thinking of the country to run to.

The president made the statements while speaking with some National Council of traditional rulers in Nigeria at the presidential villa in Abuja.

“We know our limitations we have to continue to strengthen our constitution, to strengthen the resolve of our people to live together, work together. We are lucky this year that last year and this year the rainy season is good.

If it were not good I must confide in you that I was considering which country to run to. But God answered the prayers of many Nigerians the rainy season last year was good and this year with the report I’m getting is good.

We thank God for that otherwise there would have been a lot of problems in this country.” he said

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