Senseless equating IPOB to Mass Murderers, Boko Haram – David Eze


Senseless equating IPOB to Mass Murderers, Boko Haram - David Eze

Entrepreneur and recording artiste, David Eze popularly known by his stage name ‘DixLow’ has branded the move by the federal government of Nigeria to proscribe separatist organisation, IPOB as terrorists “senseless”.

Speaking to the press, David Eze emphasized that as Nigerians and members of the free world, everyone has the right to freedom of speech, freedom of association and as well the right to seek to Independence if they are no longer interested to co-exist with the government they’re in.

It is very laughable to hear the Governor of Borno state equating IPOB to Boko Haram which was breed under his nose in Maiduguri.

As much as I am not cool with the way Nnamdi Kanu is going about his quest for the Republic of Biafra, it will be senseless to think using force in the Souh East will solve this issue that will never go away. I expected President Buhari to have had a sit down with Kanu whom he made famous by the way he handled his arrest and release. This are people who aren’t armed. They’re just group of people advocating for a referendum or separation. The operation Python dance is totally uncalled for and stupid.

What has been done to the Arewa youths who came out publicly to demand that Igbos in the north should leave or be murdered? Have they been proscribed as terrorist Group? These things are crystal clear. The International communities are watching. Trust me.

There is a call for break out or referendum in Spain, Iran and many parts of the world. Lets not forget Brexit. This things aren’t just happening in Nigeria. It has to be handled with caution and tactically.

In as much as there won’t be a referendum, forget it. The issue of Biafra will never go away. Even if you silence Kanu today another will rise tomorrow.

The singer who recently released his new project “TB Playlist” further called for the peaceful co-existence of all Nigerians. Stating that “we are better together”.

On the 19/09/2017, there was a report that President Buhari has signed proclamation labeling IPOB as a terrorist group.




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