United States sells $15bn missile defence to Saudi Arabia

United States sells $15bn missile defence to Saudi Arabia
The United States government has approved the sale of a $15bn (£11.5bn) missile defence system to Saudi Arabia.

The deal is believed to boost Saudi and Gulf security against Iranian and other regional threats, the state department said.

The announcement comes a day after Saudi Arabia agreed to buy air defence systems from Russia.

Verge24 understands that the deal is to maintain the military balance in the region, the Pentagon’s Defense Security Co-operation Agency said.

Thaad systems are being deployed in South Korea to protect against a possible missile attack from North Korea.

However, many South Koreans have objected, citing that it would become a target and endanger the lives of those who live near its launch sites.

China also voiced opposition to the system, alleging that it would affect the regional security balance.

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