Court Ruling Prohibits South African Parents from ‘Beating their Kids’

Court Ruling Prohibits South African Parents from 'Beating their Kids'

A new court ruling has prohibited South African parents from smacking their kids in the name of physical discipline. The ruling was delivered by a court siting in Johannesburg.

The court ruling has got South African parents talking especially on social media. Many has criticized the ruling.

Abrie Botha posted on local TV channel ENCA’s website:” Spanking taught me good manners, respect, high work ethics, drive to perform at my best, loyalty, determination. It made me a very successful human being. What is this nonsense?

Physical punishment or rather physical discipline in the home is considered illegal in over 53 countries in the world, including Brazil, France, Kenya, Benin, the Republic of Congo and most recently Zimbabwe.

However, Countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China and Nigeria still permits physical discipline in some settings.

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