WATCH: Man Stabs Mother of Four to Death in a Restaurant

A video clip has been trending online and it shows the moment man stabbed a lady to death in a busy restaurant on October 28  in the city of Coração de Maria, 105 kilometers from Salvador, Brazil.

The victim has been identified as Olinda de Jesus Conceição. A single mother of four children; while the culprit Beto.

According to reports, Beto murdered Olinda simply because he thinks she influenced his separation from his ex-wife.

“We were informed at the scene that he [Beto] killed the victim because she welcomed his ex-partner after the end of the relationship. The motive was revenge. We are trying to identify this ex-partner,” said Sérgio Araújo, head of the Delegacia de Coração de Maria.

Authorities said that Beto is currently on the runand was also wanted for cases of drug trafficking and homicide before he killed Olinda.

“He’s outlawed, I think he’s under arrest warrant [another crime]. We will still confirm with the Justice, “he added.

Watch the video of the attack below.

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