My Husband Ok with Me Kissing Men on Set – Bukky Arugba

My Husband Ok with Me Kissing Men on Set - Bukky Arugba

Yoruba movie actress and one time labelled husband snatched Bukky Arugba in a recent interview revealed that her husband is cool with her kissing men on set. in in fact criticises her whenever she doesn’t kiss them well.

The mother of two in a chat with Saturday Beats spoke about the scandal surrounding her and her husband and the woman she snatched him away from and finally about her acting roles and her husband reactions.

On the scandals surrounding her and Damola;

“People do not know the true story of an event but they just conclude and pass judgment. It was not easy for me back then because it was my most challenging moment in life. I am a very quiet person and it was a very gloomy period of my life but I thank God it is over. It was just the grace of God that kept me through that period and I would not want to comment further on that issue.”

On her husband’s reactions about her roles in movies and kissing men on set;

 “I am a professional so I don’t feel anyhow when I see him kiss another woman but as for me, I really don’t like doing things like that in a movie. But when I don’t do it well, my husband criticises me. He would tell me that I have to make it real. He would say that if I don’t do it well, it would not be real enough.

Whenever my husband is working on any project, he shows me the script first because I would analyse it thoroughly and objectively. I am always honest with my opinion about his work because no one can tell him the truth like I would. He knows that I would not be biased.”

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