Arsene Wenger Should Apologize to Raheem Sterling

Arsene Wenger Should Apologize to Raheem Sterling

Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has said that Arsene Wenger was “totally wrong” to accuse City’s player Raheem Sterling of diving as a result should owes the former Liverpool man an apology.

The Arsenal boss felt Sterling dived and dramaised for the penalty that propelled Manchester City 2-0 up in Sunday’s 3-1 win over Arsenal.

“I believe it was no penalty,” Wenger told BBC Sport. “We know that Sterling dives well, he does that very well.”

Shearer however said on Match of the Day 2:

“There is no way that was a dive and it was a penalty.”

“It’s one thing for Wenger to deflect from his team’s inadequacies, it’s another to question someone’s integrity and be wrong.

“I think he owes Sterling an apology.” Shearer  added.


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