BlackFace: 2Baba’s ‘Holy Holy’ Makes no Sense

While millions of people are grooving and loving 2Baba’s Holy Holy there is actually someone who thinks the song makes no sense. Yeah, Blackface Naija said so.

Call him bad belle if you wish to but the (ex?) Nigerian singer said that every aspect of the song is wack; Lyrics, Production and message too.

Blackface made the statement when he was on Pulse’s Loose Talk Podcast as he shed light of the journey of the defunct Plantashun Boiz; how they drifted apart and his solo carrier.

BlackFace: 2Baba's 'Holy Holy' Makes no SenseIn Blackface’s words;

Holy Holy is not a good song, it makes no sense with poor production. It is accusatory and not well directed to its subject.

An artiste should be clear about who he is accusing because 2Baba is either talking to his fans, which shouldn’t be so or he is talking to the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. The poor level of the song is why i feels offended.

Blackface also alleged that Holy Holy has a coded message directed at the Plantashun Boiz, citing 2Baba using the 200 Benz which Plantashun Boiz used in their first music video. According to him, 2Baba burnt the Benz in Holy Holy to signify that him erasing the existence of Plantashun Boiz.

He went on to say that it is 2Baba whom is filled with jealousy and e advises that they get over the bitterness and said that the Plantashun dream is still on as he hoped and still hopes to create The New Plantashun Boiz.


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